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Reliable, innovative, professional en creative. For over twenty years, Coffeeshop Bebop is a concept in Leiden where everyone can come for relaxation of body and mind. Since the opening in 1991, Coffeeshop Bebop guarantees its quality and reliability. The range is wide and varies so that every visitor can find the right relaxation.

As one of the few shops in Leiden you can have a nice, delicious cup of coffee. There are games to play, nice background music and it is a place to meet your friends. We are music orientated, from house to reggae and jazz to pop music. A high level of service and respectful. We provide information on how to best enjoy your stay. Situated in the centre (oldest district of Leiden "the Pieterswijk") the Bebop is very easy to reach. Did you know that Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Steen have grown up in this creative neighborhood? Anyway enough reason to come down and visit.

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Rules of the house

RULES OF THE HOUSE are written to provide everyone with a clear understanding of and to prevent misunderstandings that may occur by explaining you the conduct of business within the boundaries of the Dutch law. Rules are being maintained carefully and strictly to ensure each guest a pleasant stay.

1. Access only 18 years and older.

2. ID required.

3. Harddrugs and alcohol prohibited.

4. Selling our products to minors will not be tolerated.

5. Possession of weapons, in whatever form, is prohibited.

6. Aggression, threats and discrimination are not allowed.

7. Cars, mopeds, scooters and bicycles need to be parked in a proper manner.

8. Max purchase of 5 grams per day per customer.

9. The return of purchased soft drugs is not possible.

10. Consumption is compulsory; own consumptions are not allowed.

11. The Tobacco Law prohibits the smoking of tobacco in the coffee shop.

12. Outside in our neighorhood smoking weed is not allowed.

13. Using a mobile phone is prohibited.

14. Disruption and inconvenience in the shop and environment will be monitored through CCTV.

15. It is not allowed to photograph / film inside the coffee shop.

16. We have the right, at any time to deny customers access to the coffee shop.

17. Severe disruption of the house rules will be reported to the police.



Diefsteeg 3, 2311TS, Leiden, The Netherlands
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Business hours: 17:00 - 23:00